What is Safety Net InlandNW ?

Most foster children leave care with a large plastic sack on their shoulder, with all of their worldly possessions stuffed inside, and this is where Safety Net comes in. From a utility bill, to a bus pass to get to school and work, to food for their kitchen, to basic things like a toilet scrubber, these kids need it all. They have never had their own bed; we get them one. They haven’t taken driver’s education classes due to the cost; we help them with the fee. They have nothing to sit on or eat on, so we have them shop the Safety Net store of gently used items. They truly need the community’s assistance, and we are that local help. We are truly the “safety net” that keeps these kids from falling through the cracks. It’s our purpose to let them know they are not forgotten and they are not invisible. They are important and they matter. We meet them where they are. With us, they understand that we care and want nothing more than to see them succeed in life.

Recent News

Safety Net Inland Northwest receives a GENEROUS $5,000 donation from the Regal Foundation.

Coeur d’Alene, ID – Safety Net Inland Northwest is thrilled to announce the receipt of a substantial $5,000 donation from the Regal Foundation thanks to James Henson. The generous contribution will further enhance Safety Net’s mission of providing crucial support to individuals and families in need throughout the Inland Northwest region. James Henson, representing the…

Safety Net Inland NW Auction Fostering Flight

Thanks to the generosity of our incredible sponsors, donors, and auction attendees, Safety Net Inland NW auction Fostering Flight raised a record-breaking $125,000 after covering all expenses We are immensely grateful for the community’s support, and from the depths of our hearts – thank you If you missed our event this year and still want to…

Ricky Lewis Story

“As a lot of people who are in my life know, I went through Idaho’s foster care system. I aged out at 18, with only a few resources to guide me through my twenties. You don’t have time to worry about those things when your average time at each placement was six months or less,…

Some Ways We Help


We help provide basic living items such as food, household goods and furniture.


We help get teens connected to the resources they need to have success as an adult.


We assist in normal education like driver’s education classes, all the way up to college assistance.


We are here to offer a level of support and encouragement that most teens from the foster system will not get after 18.

Success Stories

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Foster Care ends at 18. GROWING UP DOESN’T.

The Safety Net InlandNW Mission:

Safety Net supports former foster youth in their critical post-foster care years. That means helping them with the resources to stay in school, receive job training, and handle minor financial emergencies when they have nowhere else to turn.


of kids who ‘age out’ will NOT earn a college degree.

While the path each youth takes in unique, Safety Net is committed to helping our kids find their way. Consider this, you have been accepted to college, maybe the first in your family! For many of us, this is an exciting time! For those aging out of foster care, it can lead to more questions than answers. What will I do about housing? What if my books are more money than my financial aid? This is where Safety Net steps in.

We need your help. We believe in these kids.