It all started with a PSA.

Co- Founders Molly Allen and Coleen Quisenberry connected over 10 years ago with a common goal in mind: what can we do to help our foster community? 

Individually, both Molly and Coleen were looking for a way to be become more involved with the foster community in Spokane. Coleen heard a public service announcement that Molly was involved in. The ladies connected only to be disappointed when the program was cancelled. Committed to finding out more, Molly and Coleen, met with local organizations to see where help was needed. It was through these meetings the need for Safety Net became apparent.

Upon hearing of the challenges facing youth who have nowhere to turn at 18, Molly and Coleen knew their mission to help those aging out of foster care was just beginning. 

Coleen Quisenberry

Being a mom of three grown boys, Coleen’s heart goes out to teens that have nowhere to go for support. Just as her own children have needed occasional assistance to living a self-sufficient life, Coleen strongly believes foster kids should be offered the same sort of support. Coleen is committed to helping them get on their feet and working with Molly to do that has been very rewarding.  Coleen is the owner of two companies, a wife, mother, and grandma (Gigi) of 5 littles. Her life is a bit chaotic at times but she would not have it any other way. She travels for work and sometimes for pleasure but is most happy at home with her family on their acreage just a bit out of town.  

Molly Allen

Molly’s passion for the aging out youth came from watch her son Jayke grow up. She adopted him when he was ten. He came from foster care and at 14 she realized that in the real world he would only have 4 years to figure out his life. Not likely! That’s where the idea for Safety Net first came to her, as fate would have it, Coleen had the same idea! Molly is a radio personality, playwright, and Grandma (her favorite job). Airplanes are her other passion, stating that one day she will work for the airlines and make flying fun again. Molly is also an Honorary Commander for the Air National Guard. Refueling missions are the biggest thrill for her!

Board Members 

Lisa Poole

Lisa is a Spokane native, owner of Poole’s Public House and retired 30-year marketing & advertising professional. She has been involved with Safety Net since the very first fundraiser and has a special place in her heart for kids, especially the young people who age out of the foster care system.

Amme Paluch 

Maria Trunkenbolz

Maria is a New York transplant, a longtime Spokane Valley resident, own a property management company & believe in volunteering to make our community a better place for all. 

Melisa Majnarich

Melissa has been a social worker in the Spokane community for nearly three decades and loves to walk alongside youth and students during transitions to adulthood.

A former CPS worker, Melisa understands the system of uncertainty some of the youth face inside the foster care system.

Shawn Biggs

Shawn, a lifelong Spokanite, began working to develop corporate stewardship programs in 2010. It was then he was introduced to Safety Net, and after seeing the impact they had on the foster community, has been volunteering in various capacities ever since.